Baillie Asset Management Ltd (BAM) is made up of a group of both seasoned and youthful professionals with similar values. We have a diverse but relevant skill set and experience that stretches back decades. Our oldest client relationship has been maintained for over 40 years. We were brought together by our similar values and an idealistic desire to work with and for people that we like, people with integrity, those who are respectful of each other and our clients, and we generate results for investors in a pragmatic investment process we call ‘Co-Alignment’. The financial services industry is rife with practitioners who generate excessive fees through transactions and portfolio churn – our philosophy could not be more different.


BAM’s approach is based on a much longer-term engagement with investors, even intergenerational, and the management of targeted investments in a manner that co-aligns the interests of the parties. The process has been honed over 40 years and BAM is a first step in bringing this approach to a broader market, in the hope of raising industry wide standards. BAM aims to generate regular income for its clients, on a capital base that is expected to grow each year in real terms (after inflation).

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1. Baillie Sophisticated Savings Fund

2. Baillie Incontestable Financing Fund

3. Baillie SMSF Lending Fund

4. Baillie Conservative 1st Mortgage Fund